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E12 , E42, E62


In The End of Laissez Faire (1926) and in The General Theory of Employment, Interest and Money (1936), Keynes advocated a new model of the State which put an end to the laissez faire and leave to the Government the task of reaching macroeconomic stability through monetary, fiscal and even demographic control of investment. One of the most original and modern thinkers within this Keynesian tradition in defense of “Big Government” was the post-keynesian economist Hyman Minsky. The Great Recession has revived and reinvigorated the minskyian positions up to the point of becoming a “required reading” especially for central bankers (Yellen (2009)). In this paper I critically review the minskyian defense of Big Government as a mechanism to achieve macroeconomic stability.

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January 2020

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